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This page contains information about some of the activities and groups we are no longer currently involved in.

Local Activities

Westborough URC

Paul & Sue were part of Westborough URC in Guildford from 1980 to 1999, and still maintain strong links with some people from the church.

During that time, we were involved in most areas of the church's life, including leading Housegroups, serving on the Eldership and Management Committee, and membership of the Building Committee and Mission Board.

Westborough helps support a number of Christian workers and ministries in various parts of the world. The organisation of Europe Now grew out of the missionary work at Westborough.

Westy Club

Until early in 1999, Sue chaired the Management Committee of the Westy Club, an after school child care club in Westborough, Guildford.

  • SOS Club
  • Sue helped to set up the SOS Club, which provides after school child care for parents in the Sea Mills area. She was on the committee and served as the Treasurer for some time before standing down from the committee. Sadly, the SOS Club closed down in the Summer of 2005.


    the eXchange

    Until 9 March 2000, Paul was working part time for The Insurance Trading Exchange Limited ('the eXchange'), where his last role was as the Configuration Management Analyst.   Paul has worked for the eXchange since November 1992, and was based in the Woking or Guildford offices until moving to the Gloucester office in April 1999.

    The eXchange supply electronic services to Independent Financial Advisors ('IFA's) and Insurers, but are now better known for their Internet based financial services product 'moneyeXtra' and for being the second large Internet company to be floated on the London Stock Market (Freeserve just beat us).

    On Thursday 14 October 1999, Paul handed in his resignation to the eXchange, so that he could work for Europe Now and provide some of the training for the Snowball programme.

    From 14 November 1999 for two months, Paul was working part time (2 days a week) for the eXchange.   The idea of this was to give the company more time to find a replacement, and give us more time to raise the support we need.   From January 2000, for another two months, Paul worked one day a week for the eXchange, for precisely the same reasons.   The need to raise more support still continues...


    While we lived in Guildford, Sue was self employed.   Her major source of income was from the National Resource Centre for Dance ('NRCD'), based at the University of Surrey.

    Knightstone Housing

    Sue used to work for Knightstone Housing Association as the Team Administrator, but in the end had to leave as they could not find a way to cut down her hours to an acceptable level.

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