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External Link - Europe Now Europe Now is a part of External Link - Open Air Campaigners Open Air Campaigners and a member of Global Connections (what used to be the Evangelical Missionary Alliance).

Europe Now was set up to support evangelists working in Europe. Our particular aim is to support those evangelists who work for Open Air Campaigners. We are a registered charity, and (if you are interested in organisational structure!) we are the European 'Overseas Ministry Branch' of Open Air Campaigners International.


As part of our commitment to evangelism in Europe, we had been considering for some time how to improve the training given to evangelists before they are sent out. At the trustees' meeting on 23 October 1998, it was agreed to go ahead with establishing a training programme in Bristol. It was given the working title of 'Snowball' because we believe that is what it will do!

In preparation for Snowball, Rob & Traci Davis moved from Nottingham to Bristol in February 1999, and we moved at the end of August. The first trainees started with us in September 1999.

Paul gave up full time employment with the eXchange in November 1999 in order to spend more time with the students. You can read about some of the financial details of our life and work on the Financial Factsheet page.

We ran the Snowball programme in Bristol from September 1999 to June 2000. For a variety of reasons, we were unable to run it as anticipated for the second year starting in September 2000. We are now looking at the possibility of running the next programme in Vienna in a few years' time, but are willing to consider a more informal training programme for anyone who wants to spend some time in the Bristol area in the meantime. Let us know if you are interested!

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