1. Does the world really need another evangelistic training programme?
  2. We believe so.

    Firstly, this is not 'just another' offer of evangelistic training.   We believe it provides a distinctive form of training, unlike anything else on the market at present.

    Secondly, we believe in this project enough to invest a considerable amount of time and energy (not to mention money!) to make it possible.   We believe that this training is both important and timely.

    And thirdly, even if it were just more evangelistic training of the kind already on offer, would this matter?   The world needs more evangelists!


  3. Who runs Snowball?
  4. Snowball is run by Europe Now.   The staff are answerable to the Europe Now executive committee.   Europe Now is part of OAC ('Open Air Campaigners') International, and draws on the experience of many people who have worked for OAC across the world.


  5. What makes you think this new training project will work?
  6. Snowball is new because we have not run it as a single course before.   But we are using a great deal of material in the course which has been demonstrated to work in a variety of circumstances in the past, and which we have considerable experience in using.

    OAC has a widely respected reputation for training people in practical evangelistic techniques.   We have been providing this service for churches and other evangelistic groups for many years.   We are now using this expertise to train people on our own course.

    Eventually, you will be able to click here to see details of some of the material we are using.


  7. Will the students be expected to work for OAC?
  8. No.   There is no commitment for the students to go on to work for OAC - or for OAC to take them on at the end of the course!   Of course, we hope that a good number of the students will go on to a full time evangelistic ministry in mainland Europe.


  9. How many students will be on the course?
  10. We have four students in the first year, even without producing any publicity.   We aim to take around ten students a year for the next few years, before increasing the number of staff.


  11. Are there exams to pass?
  12. The students will be assessed throughout the year in a variety of ways - for example, some essays, some practical demonstrations - depending on the subject matter.   This will provide feedback on how well the lessons and principles have been communicated.   But there will not be any exams in the traditional 'sit in silence for three hours and answer the following questions' sense.


  13. When does the course run?
  14. The course runs during the normal academic year, from the start of September through to the end of the following June.   The course is divided into five sessions, each of which concentrates on one major theme, and each of which prepares the students for one or two weeks of sustained evangelistic outreach at the end.


  15. How much does it cost to take part in Snowball?
  16. The first year has been subsidised by Europe Now, but in subsequent years we aim to run the course as cheaply as possible to break even on the running expenses.

    Some sessions cost more than others to run, but averaging the costs over the year, we aim to run the course for £350 per student per session, or £1 750 for the year.   These fees are due at the start of each session, or can be paid in full at the start of the year.

    In addition to the fees, the students need to cover the cost of their living expenses, and transport to and from Bristol at the start and end of the year.   The fees cover the cost of transport to and from all the evangelistic events during the year.

    We aim to find places for the students to live with local Christians during the year.   This keeps the cost of accommodation to a minimum, and also helps the students become integrated in local church life during the year.



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