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1.   Family

We have three children: Alan (7 July 1987), Philip (13 December 1989) and Ian (22 March 1992). Paul's parents continue to live in South East London, while Sue's parents have moved from South East London to Newbury.

Paul's brother, Roger, maintains a External Link - Roger web site with an interesting range of material and links. You can read Paul's CV, or find out more of the Hazelden family history, as far as we have established the details.

1a.   Family Health

Paul has struggled with health issues all his life, the most significant of which has been eczema. Paul has written about his experience of eczema, and what he has found over the years to be helpful. This includes a regular use of the sauna.

Sue has also suffered a number of problems, the most significant of which was a brain tumour, which turned out to be small and benign, and was removed in July 2005. She is still recovering from the operation. You can read about her experiences in Sue's health page.

1b.   Family News

We started a sort of online diary to keep our friends and family informed about the progress of the house move from Guildford to Bristol. This turned into quite a saga, but the experience of keeping a record was helpful, so we continued for a while.

Once Paul was established at the Crisis Centre, it became more difficult to say meaningful things about the activities on individual days, and a lot more was being written and published about the various activities through the Crisis Centre, so the need for this vastly diminished, and the last entries were written in 2002. We are trying to start the discipline again in 2006.

Family News:
May 1999 | Oct 1999 | Jan 2000 | Jul 2000 | Jan 2001 | Jul 2001 | 2002 | 2005 | Jan 2006 | Jul 2006 | Jan 2007 | Jul 2007 | Jan 2008 | Jul 2008 | Jan 2009 | Jul 2009 | Jan 2010 | Jul 2010 | Jan 2011 | Jul 2011 | Jan 2012 | Jul 2012 | Jan 2013
Sue's health | Paul's health

1c.   Letters & Reports

We have two reports on holidays we have taken: one has some reflections on the trip some of us made in February 20004: the Disneyland Paris trip, and the other was a holiday we all shared in 2008 to the USA.

Most years we manage to distribute a 'Christmas letter' to various friends (mainly because we are hopeless at replying to the letters we receive during the year). So far, the following years have reached the Internet:

Christmas letters:
2004 | 2002 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 | 1996 | 1994 | 1993

Paul has produced a number of ministry reports on various activities:

(The August 2002 Ministry Update was slightly modified to go with the Christmas letter in November 2002.)

For a while, we also distributed an occasional prayer letter to the people who had told us they wanted to support and pray for our work. As things turned out, we only produced four: April 1999, July 1999, January 2000 and September 2000, plus an article about us in 'Borderlines', the Europe Now newsletter, telling people about our move to Bristol: Borderlines, June 1999.

2.   Community

2a.   Church

Since moving to Bristol, we have worshipped at Highgrove in Sea Mills, which is part of the Woodlands group of churches in Bristol. Highgrove is also part of the 'Churches in Sea Mills' and the wider 'Celebration' network.

2b.   Community Project

The Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Community Project was working to improve the quality of life for the people in this part of Bristol from 1998 to its demise in 2008. Paul was elected a Director of the project at the AGM in 2000, chaired most of the public meetings and maintained the community web site.

2c.   Liberal Democrats

I (Paul) have always voted Liberal because they were the only party that were promoting proportional representation. It seems to me that this is the most important political issue in the country, as it affects how every other issue will be tackled.

When the SDP was formed, I became a founding member, and have continued to support the Liberal Democrats for the same reason. You may not agree with my reasoning, but I believe that everyone has an obligation to get involved in the political process in some way, and that Christians ought to take a lead in this.

3.   Relaxation

3a.   Saunas

Despite our hectic lifestyle, we sometimes manage to take a sauna together. This provides a welcome counterpoint to the constant rush and activity that characterises most of the rest of our activity!

3b.   Go

Until April 1999, Paul managed to play Go most weeks at the club in Guildford. Go is a fascinating oriental board game, which is simpler to learn than chess, and much more difficult to play well. One of the real advantages of the game is that a handicapping system allows players of very different strengths to play and have a fair chance of winning.

3c.   Books

Paul & Sue are both keen book readers, when we find the time. We now have a few book reviews available.

3d.   Quotations

This is not really a form of relaxation, but it almost fits here - a page where we can share some of the quotations which have appealed to us.

4.   Previous Activities

This page used to contain details of various things we are no longer actively involved in. They have been moved to another page.

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