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  What Do Christians Believe?

That's a good question. To be honest, Christians disagree about lots of aspects of their faith. What I offer here is not believed by every Christian, but it is believed today by many Christians across the world, and has been believed by Christians for many centuries. Of course, being old is no guarrantee that it is right - but then, neither is being modern.

There are many creeds and confessions of faith already in existence, but most of them have been drawn up by Christians and for Christians. What I offer below is designed to help people who are not already Christians the chance to explore what we believe and why.

You will observe there is a progression in the main points below. They do not follow on from each other in a logical sense, but an understanding of the earlier points is assumed and built upon in the later ones.

  Some Additional Material

These next few links are not part of the Interactive Gospel itself, but you may want to come back to them if you have time - or maybe only look at the summaries if you are very short of time!

  Some Basic Questions

People usually have only a few basic questions about any new idea. The questions often go something like this:

To answer the first, I can offer my testimony, and point to the experience of countless Christians through the centuries. Yes, it does work.

For the second, I touch on some of the relevant issues in the 'Interactive Gospel' below. But, in brief, I have been investigating this for many years, and all the evidence points to this conclusion: the gospel message, as taught and lived by Jesus and the early Christians, is true and reliable.

For the third: it is almost unarguable that the gospel message, if true, is the most important truth anyone will ever hear.

As for the last, that is partly up to you. To follow Jesus, you must be prepared to change. But whatever your social group or culture, you should be able to find a Christian church which expresses authentic Christianity in your language and through your culture. You will find, if you look for it, a Christian fellowship or congregation (or whatever they call themselves) where you fit.

  Answering Some Objections

People raise many objections to the Christian faith. I have tried to build answers to most of the most common questions into the Interactive Gospel pages. However, some questions don't seem to entirely fit in those pages, so they are being addressed on this page.

What Are the Main Points?

You can follow the links below to explore the main points of the message.

  1. We believe in God

  2. We believe God has chosen to reveal Himself to the human race

  3. We believe God is good, powerful and loving

  4. We believe human life has eternal significance

  5. We believe that morality is a central aspect of human existence

  6. We believe that life cannot be fully lived without considering some basic 'religious' issues

  7. We believe it is reasonable to consider what the major religions say about the basic religious issues

  8. We believe there are rational grounds for examining religions and choosing between them

  9. We believe there are good grounds for considering the message of Jesus

  10. We believe that Jesus' followers have never managed to live up to His example, but that does not invalidate His message

  11. We believe that Jesus' followers have done a great deal of good through the centuries, and still are doing it today

  12. We believe that Jesus deserves to be taken seriously

  13. We believe there is historic evidence for the truth of the Christian message

  14. We believe that Jesus is alive today

  15. We believe that no-one is too bad to follow Jesus

  16. We believe that committing yourself to follow Jesus is the best decision anyone can make

  17. We believe that forgiving people who hurt us is an important aspect of following Jesus

  18. We believe that worship is a vital part of a healthy life

  19. We believe Jesus wants His followers to work together as a family
  20. We believe that Jesus is coming back

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