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First Chapman.

We believe that John Chapman was born in Great Dunmow in 1813.   In the 1861 census, John's family were living in Gas Lane, Dunmow. Their details are given as follows.
John Chapman (48), labourer, born Great Dunmow;
Margaret Chapman (38), wife, born Edinburgh;
Margaret Chapman (17), daughter, born Sheffield;
William [actually, William James] Chapman (15), son, born Longford, Ireland;
Isabella Chapman (3), daughter,born Great Dunmow;
Barbara Chapman (9 months), daughter, born Great Dunmow.

On 21 May 1877 in Great Dunmow, Essex, William James Chapman (*)(age: 30) married Elizabeth Barker (age 26; father: Leander). They had eight or nine children: James F (six years old at the 1881 census, so probably born in 1874 or 1875 but not recorded in the baptismal register), John William (baptised 9 February 1879), Frederick Noah (baptised 12 June 1881), William (baptised 10 February 1884, although another record suggests he was born in September 1884; buried 1 October 1935), Arthur Ernest (baptised 12 September 1886), Walter and Frederick (twins, born 14 January 1888, baptised 11 March 1888), Alexander M Stuart ('Alec')(baptised 2 March 1890) and Samuel. The children all grew up in Great Dunmow. Frederick, and probably several other brothers, died in World War I.

In the 1881 census, William (that is, William James) Chapman is recorded as living at 15 Church End, Great Dunmow, Essex. His age is 33, and his place of birth is Longford, Ireland. His occupation is a bricklayer. Elizabeth Chapman, his wife, was 27. Her place of birth was Uxbridge, Middlesex. Also with them were their two sons: James and John; and a nine year old visitor: Arthur Green.

In the same census, John Chapman is recorded as living at 26 Church End. His age is recorded as 63, but we think this is a mistake as the parish records show he died in December 1884 aged 72. His occupation is given as a general labourer.

First Haines.

There were at least seven Haines children: Annie, Charles ('Charlie'), Caroline Sophia, Hepzibah Agnes ('Eppie' - maybe Eppie May?), James, Ethel and Nellie.

Charles Haines (*) had a son, David, who married a Lizzie.

First Danby.

John Danby married Eppie (Hepzibah May or Hepzibah Agnes) Haines.  They had five children: Emily (23 March 1884), Ellen Fanny (or Nellie Fanny - 'Nell') (11 February 1886 - 10 May 1975; buried 15 May 1975), Henry John, Alice Ethel (16 November 1891 - 17 April 1958), and Albert.    They were all born in Plumstead, South East London.

William Chapman (*) married Ellen Fanny ('Nell') Danby (*).  They had one child: Joan (born 13 July 1931).

Walter Chapman (*) had three children: John (called 'Jack'), Ron and Joyce Mary.

Samuel Chapman (*) married late in life, and turned up to his brother Walter's funeral with a wife nobody had met before.

Albert Danby (*) had two children, Leonard ('Lenny') and Vera.

Henry Danby (*) married Millicent.  They had three children: Patrick, James and Millicent.

Patrick Danby (*) became a Catholic Priest;

James Danby (*) did not marry.

Millicent Danby (*) married and went to live in Canada.

First Fill.

Tom Fill married Emily Danby (*).  They had five children: Gladys (died February 1908, 11 months), Dorris (Dorothy, or Dolly) (21 May 1908 - 13 June 1950), Winifred ('Winn') (13 June 1912 - 13 June 1966), William ('Bill') (7 January 1913, died 1985 aged 72) and Helen ('Nell') (27 May 1914).

Ralph Warren married Dorris (*).  They had two children: David and Richard.   Dorris died, and Ralph married again, this time to Linda (a German girl?).   They had one child: Francis.

Mr. McGrath ('Mac') married Winn (*).   They had five children: Peter, Patricia, Brian, Eileen and Douglas.

Cornelius Anderson ('Con') married Nell (*).   They and had two children: Pauline and Christine.

Eric Newsholme married Pauline Anderson (*).   They had three children: Philip, Glenda and Claire.

Christine Anderson (*) has one child: Andrew.

Bill Fill (*) married Grace.

First Beaumont.

George Beaumont married Clara ('Kate') Conway.   They had three children: George William (born 24 September 1890, buried 27 October 1964), Kate and another daughter.

George William Beaumont (*) married Alice Ethel Danby (*).   They had one child: Victor George.

Victor George Beaumont (*) married Brenda May Butler, and emigrated to New Zealand.  They had three children: Andrew John, Catrina Ann and Deborah May.

Robert Douglas Cadman married Deborah (*).   They have two children: Laura Jane and Alana Marie.

Jack Chapman (*) (the eldest of the three) married Margaret.   They had two children: Susan and David.

Ron Chapman (*) married Pat.   They had two children: Peter and Jennifer.

Ronald Stark married Joyce Mary Chapman (*).  They had three children: Wendy, Christine and Roger.

Peter Chapman (*) is living in Sutton Coldfield.  

Andrew Stuttle married Wendy Stark (*).  They had two children: Mark and Christopher.

Keith Louden married Christine Stark (*).  They had two children: Jamie and Katie.

Roger Stark (*) married Joanne.   They had three children: Elizabeth, Georgina and another.

Susan (neé Chapman) (*) is living in Bebbington.  She has two children: Sarah and Christopher.

Mr and Mrs Funnell had three children: Louise, Ellen and Anne.

First Hazelden.

Percy Hazelden married Louise Funnell (*).  They had two children: Geoff (2 January 1934 - 23 December 2020) and Joan.   They lived in Brighton.   We think it was Percy's parents who owned the 'Hazelden Nursery' that used to sell plants on the main road into Brighton from London for many years.   The main road is now moved, and the nursery is closed.

Jack Hope married Ellen Funnell (*). They had two children: Jaqueline and Doreen.

A Canadian married Anne Funnell (*) and they went to live in Canada at the end of World War II.

On 22 September 1956 in Charlton, London, Geoff Hazelden (*) married Joan Chapman (*). They had two children: Paul (26 June 1957) and Roger Philip (31 August 1961).

James Bargiggia married Joan Hazelden (*). They had two children: Peter and Mark.   Joan then divorced James, fostered a girl and changed her own name to Joan Stanton.

On 20 March 1982 in Guildford, Surrey, Paul Hazelden (*) married Susan Frances ('Sue') Hitchins. They had three children: Alan David (7 July 1987), Philip John (13 December 1989) and Ian Roger (22 March 1992).

Roger Hazelden (*) is not married.

Peter Bargiggia (*) married Christine. They have four children: James, Charlotte, Hannah and Rachel.

Mark Bargiggia (*) is married also.    They have one child: a daughter called Imogen.

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