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If you would like to use any of the material on this web site, please first read the material on this page, and then complete the Permission Request Form. Thank you.


Please note that all the material on this site is copyright. You are welcome to create links to anything on this site. I give permission for you to print and use anything on the site for your personal use, but you should contact me before using any of it in any other way.

This means, for example, that you may print any of the pages on this site for your own use: for your private study or devotions. You may talk about what you have learned, quote from it, and tell people about the site or the article - in fact, please do! But if you want to copy and distribute some or all of an article - to your housegroup, church or anyone else, as it stands or in a modified form, in a book, magazine article or anthology, on paper, through an electronic medium, or by any other means - then you need to get my permission first.

Standard Conditions of Use

In general, my permission to use the material will be given if you agree to these standard terms:

Further Details

I also ask you, as a matter of courtesy, to let me know:

Please be assured that I have never yet refused permission! I ask that you let me have a copy of any material you prepare, and give me some feedback afterwards so I can clarify any confusions, and perhaps answer some questions.

The reasons for this policy are quite straightforward.

Permission to use the material on this site for private use only extends, of course, to material on the web pages within this site that we have authored. I cannot give permission for you to use material authored by someone else, or from pages on another site, even if I have linked to them!

To help you, I have tried to remember to mark all links to pages outside this site - apart from those on the 'Links' page! - with an arrow ('External Link Image' - please let me know if I have missed any). So please check that the page does say something like 'Copyright © yyyy Paul Hazelden' near the bottom before you use it. Thanks.

I hope you find this clear and helpful. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or comments about this policy. Thank you.

Permission Request Form

If you are clear about this policy and agree with the terms of use, please complete the Permission Request. Form. If not, please send me an email or complete a feedback form saying what the difficulty is.

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