Europe Now
News Update
April 1999

Equipping Evangelists
to work in Europe


The people of Europe need evangelists. There are so few Christians that most people will not hear about Jesus any other way. Especially in Southern Europe, evangelists are needed to work alongside the churches. Some local people can commit themselves to this task, but many of the workers need to come from the UK where the evangelical church is so strong in comparison.

Sadly, most people who go to Europe as missionaries do not continue beyond their first term. There are many reasons for this - the hard spiritual climate and the pressures of working in a foreign country are two of the most obvious. But many missionaries who go to Europe are seriously under-prepared and ill-equipped for the task in front of them. Those who succeed, do so by the grace of God, but we believe many more would have won through if they had been effectively prepared and supported.


Europe Now is committed to recruiting, training, sending and supporting missionaries. We are a part of Open Air Campaigners, who for many years have had a leading role in developing creative ways of proclaiming the gospel. Our evangelists are first-rate communicators!

However, a good evangelist also needs to have a working knowledge of Scripture and an understanding of the cultural and religious context in which he or she is ministering. All this knowledge is of little use without a close relationship with God and an understanding of what God calls evangelists to do. And the evangelist needs a variety of practical skills to organise, maintain and develop their ministry in obedience to God's leading.


Snowball will offer first class practical evangelism training as part of an integrated programme which will include all the aspects mentioned above. The students will be taught Scriptural principles, will apply them in a variety of contexts working with churches and on the streets, and will be helped to reflect on Biblical truth in the light of real experience. Jesus taught His first disciples 'on the job' and we believe His pattern still applies for us today.

The first course is scheduled to start in Bristol in the Autumn of 1999. People from across Europe have started to apply, even before we have produced any publicity.

Please pray for us as we prepare for this exciting venture. Please pray for protection for the people involved, for the funds to cover the necessary start-up expenses, for discernment in the many decisions that still have to be made, and for the people of Europe to hear the message of salvation!

If you would like to know more, please contact the Europe Now office at the address below. Thank you for your prayers.

(This sheet contained the original Guildford address and telephone details for Europe Now, which are now out of date.)

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