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Paul & Sue Hazelden
- Family Finances -

The situation

Paul is working full time for Europe Now.   He

Paul is the UK Director of Europe Now, and is responsible for much of the teaching on the Snowball training programme.   However, Europe Now only employs Paul part-time at present, as we don't yet have enough support coming in to fund full-time employment.

Until the start of October 2000, Paul was only working for Europe Now.   Since then, Paul has been working 3 days a week for the Crisis Centre in Bristol.   This is partly because we believe the work there to be very significant, both for the KIngdom of God and within Bristol, and also because it will bring in some money to help us pay off our current debts.

Sue is working full time for Knightstone Housing Association, where she is a Team Administrator.   This work cuts down Sue's involvement with Europe Now on a day to day basis, and it means that Paul needs to spend time (especially during school holidays) looking after the boys, but is necessary until our support level increases a bit more.

We have received a number of generous gifts since Paul started working for Europe Now, for which we are very grateful.   These gifts are slowing increasing, which is very encouraging.   However, we are still finding it very difficult to attract regular financial suppport, and the one-off gifts are not yet meeting our financial needs.

On the plus side, we are slowly repaying the loan we took out to cover the legal fees from the purchase of Abbeywood.   On the other hand, we are owing Steve Poulard more money each month, as we fail to make our repayments on the loan to him for part of our share of the house.


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This page last updated 10 October 2000.

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