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(January to December 2004)

I don't list every change made to the site (not the current notes at the top of the index page, spelling corrections or changes to the format, standard navigation bar or footer, for example), and I sometimes just forget to update this list.   But what remains should be most of the significant changes to most of the pages on this site.

12 December 2004: updated the Comments page with a short piece on the Government's plans to outlaw religious hatred.

4 December 2004: updated the Handling Diversity page.

13 September 2004: updated the Sex and Violence page.

3 September 2004: added the The Devil’s Chaplain Confounded page: it says many things that I would have liked to, if only I had the time to put it together!

1 September 2004: added the A Theology of Preaching page.

27 June 2004: updated the Eczema, Sauna and Saunas and our Christian Belief pages.

16 June 2004: added the Picture Index page, but it's password protected - sorry! Friends are welcome to email us for the access details.

12 June 2004: added 'Euro Election 2004' to the Comments page, and a couple of items to the Humour page.

27 May 2004: updated the Sauna and Links pages.

19 May 2004: updated the Warning page.

9 May 2004: updated the I Believe the Bible page.

7 May 2004: added the Questions About Forgiveness page.

1 May 2004: added 'English is a crazy language' to the Humour page.

26 April 2004: added the Handling Diversity page.

25 April 2004: added some new sections to the Humour page.

6 April 2004: added the Getting Our Priorities Right (1 Corinthians 15) page (with a short preamble about Crisis Centre Ministries) and added a new section (3f: No More Tears) to the 'What is the Fate of the Wicked?' pages.

3 March 2004: added 'The Husband Store' and 'Some Questions' to the Humour page.

27 February 2004: added a few paragraphs that were missing from the end of Meet Your Neighbour (Luke 10:25-37).

27 February 2004: added the Peter's Confession (Mark 8:27-38) page.

7 February 2004: added the A Practice Sermon (Ephesians 3:14-21) page.

6 February 2004: added the CCM Project Review page.

29 January 2004: more updates to the Sauna page.

27 January 2004: updated the Sauna page.

11 January 2004: added the Hope and Meet Your Neighbour (Luke 10:25-37) pages.


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