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Welcome to our web site. It has been written partly for our friends and family, and partly for the wider community.

We hope you find the pages on this site interesting and informative - do let us know what you think.

  About Sue

As friends and family will know, Sue tripped over the recycling box at home and smashed the top part of her left arm into pieces. This happened on 17 November 2010. She had a titanium replacement fitted on 26 November, had her arm in a sling for several months, then spent the next year regaining use of her arm.

We are pleased to say that she has regained about 80% of her former mobility in the arm, which is more than the surgeon had feared would be possible and after lots of physiotherapy she has been signed off. She continues to do arm exercises each day, and water based exercises several times a week, to maintain the mobility in her arm.

  About Paul

Also in 2010, after working on it for 7 years, Paul was awarded the degree of Master of Theology ('MTh') in Applied Theology from Spurgeon's College. Paul has now been put off academic theology for life.

Paul is about to sleep out in the churchyard of Pip 'n' Jay church in Bristol, along with folk from many other organisations in Bristol who work to help homeless people. If you would like like to sponsor him, do get in touch.

What you will find

  On this site

For our friends, both new and old, this web site will tell you something about us (in the 'Personal' section), our hobbies, interests, beliefs and activities; and also about the Christian and community work we do (in the 'Ministry' section).

You will also find a number of articles (in the 'Writings' section) which are offered as resources, mostly to the Christian community, although there are some of a more general nature. Please feel free to browse, and tell us what you think - especially if you disagree with or have questions about any of it!

Among the popular general articles are:

And among the popular Christian articles are:

For new friends to this site, we are sharing a house with Steve, an old friend from university days. The house is in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, in the South West of England. We have been living with Steve since 1999, when we sold our house in Guildford. You can read something of what we have been getting up to on our family news page.

  The problem of suffering

My MTh dissertation was about the problem of suffering. I am continuing to research the subject, and would like to hear about their experience of this from as wide a range of people as possible.

If you are interested in this area, or may be willing to help me by sharing something of your own experience, please visit the Problem of Suffering page. Thank you.

  The Hazelden Foundation

Just to be absolutely clear: we are not linked with the External link - Hazelden Foundation Hazelden Foundation based in the USA. The fact that we share the same name, and (like them) we spend a large amount of time and energy helping addicts is, as far as we can tell, a complete coincidence.

  A Polite Request

I know the chances are pretty remote, but please read what it says on the Warnings page before sending us an email that falls into one of the following categories. Thank you.

About This Site


If you are new to this site, you may find it helpful to have a look at the Web Site page, which contains the following information.

  Using the Material

If you would like to use any of the material on this web site, please read the Copyright and Conditions page before sending us a message. Thank you.

  Changes to this Site

The complete set of noted changes are listed here:

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The most recent significant changes to this site are:

12 September 2014: added a new section to 'What is the Fate of the Wicked?': Sowing to the flesh.

17 August 2014: added a new section to the web site: Discipleship.

13 August 2014: added Christianity as a Wider Rationality by Mary Poplin and The 8 Myths About Emotions That Are Holding Us Back by Amy Morin to the 'Ref' articles.

29 July 2014: updated Job.

23 July 2014: added Mapping the Origins Debate to the Books page.

22 July 2014: slightly updated Power Corrupts.

21 July 2014: added The Integrity of the Voluntary Sector initial draft.

20 July 2014: updated Enjoyment and Destiny.

13 July 2014: added Living With Adddicts by Tobias Jones to the 'Ref' articles.

7 July 2014: added If God, Why Suffering? by Dr. Vincent Vitale. to the 'Ref' articles.

3 July 2014: added StreetWise articles: November 2013, February 2014, May 2014 and August 2014.

2 July 2014: added The Gospel to the Interactive Gospel.

26 June 2014: added I Believe.

24 April 2014: added Good Friday.

23 March 2014: added The Role of Holiness.

15 January 2014: added Why Doesn't God Heal Me? by Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt to the 'Ref' articles.

25 July 2013: added StreetWise articles: February 2013, May 2013 and August 2013.

4 April 2013: added Enjoyment and Destiny.

22 February 2013: added some initial notes on Power Corrupts.

1 February 2013: added Why I believe again and The Sexual Revolution, both by A N Wilson, to the 'Ref' articles.

16 October 2012: updated Big Picture Theology.

6 October 2012: added Big Picture Theology.

15 September 2012: updated the Paul's Health page with details of my hiatus hernia.

2 September 2012: restructured and slightly updated the page on Prayer.

23 August 2012: updated the Altruism page.

20 August 2012: updated the Response to the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy page.

15 August 2012: updated the Healthy Church, Healthy Members page.

29 July 2012: added Grace and Truth.

27 July 2012: added Who Am I?.

25 June 2012: added a new section to I Believe the Bible: God's Translated Word.

8 June 2012: updated the Family News from 31 May.

31 May 2012: updated the Family News from 16 April.

26 May 2012: made a few more changes to I Believe the Bible.

16 April 2012: updated the Family News from 26 February and I Believe the Bible.

26 February 2012: updated the Family News from 1 January.

14 February 2012: added Where has your willpower gone? to the New Scientist articles page.

1 January 2012: updated the Family News from 29 November, up to the end of the year

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