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Sue and I both love books, and would rather be reading them than writing about them. But sometimes a book really stands out, and we find ourselves talking about it or recommending it to other people on a regular basis. Here are some of those books.

When I have provided a link from the book's title, it will take you to the Amazon page for that book. If you choose to buy the book, or any other product from Amazon having followed this link, Crisis Centre Ministries will benefit from the commission. It costs you nothing, but is a small way to help support the ministry. Thank you. Do ask me if you have any questions about this!

Cups of coffee consumed by each senator
Name Cups Type of Coffee Sugar?
T. Sexton 10 Espresso No
J. Dinnen 5 Decaf Yes
Example. My document is available in HTML, PDF, plain text

This is quite brilliant. It is a very readable account of the life of a homeless person, and the authors frustrating but engaging relationship with him. It describes homelessness and many of the associated issues in a humane and enlightening way.

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