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PT200 Agile Theology 08/12/06
In the realm of software development, one of the most interesting developments in recent years has been the rise of new approaches, such as 'extreme programming' and 'agile programming'.
It seems to me that many of the ideas embodied in these new approaches could usefully be taken up by theologians. I would like to explore this possibility, and see if it goes anywhere.
PT201 Life Skills 03/08/06
The work we do at Crisis Centre Ministries involves helping a lot of people with very difficult and complex needs. It is easy to get lost in all the complexities of these inter-related issues. Here, I attempt to identify which issues are deeper, more fundamental than others.
PT202 Wedding Address 2006 14/08/06
This was prepared for Marcus and Karen Pugh's wedding on 12 August 2006.
PT203 A Theology of Leadership 04/12/06
Another assignment for Spurgeon's College: "Imagine that you have been invited to present a paper to the leadership of your church, or denomination, on the subject of, 'a contemporary theology of Christian leadership'."
PT204 Definition, Theorem, Proof 07/12/06
We know that God is a Mathematician. But I suspect that we don't always appreciate, as fully as we might, just what this means.
PT205 Keep Growing 10/12/06
We are all on a faith journey.
PT206 Hermeneutical Issues 24/05/07
Another assignment for Spurgeon's College: "Discuss the hermeneutical issues involved in the use of the Old Testament prophetic books in preaching today."
PT207 Altruism 15/11/07
Thoughts on altruism and the challenge it poses to the theory of evolution.
PT208 Case Studies 16/12/07
Another assignment for Spurgeon's College: "Submit detailed case studies of two significant leaders known to you."
PT209 Personal Development Programme 17/12/07
Another assignment for Spurgeon's College: "Produce a personal development programme for the next three years."
PT210 The Relief of Original Sin 24/04/08
Many people see 'original sin' as a depressing doctrine. I see it as refreshingly realistic and liberating.
PT211 Salvation 14/04/08
Salvation is a central concept within the Christian faith. But for all the talk and the importance given to it, there remains a great deal of uncertainty about what salvation is, and how you gain it.
PT212 Objectives 26/04/08
It's important to choose the right objectives - in faith as well as in business.
PT213 Stages of Faith 28/04/08
The three stages of faith - or, at least, the three stages of learning how to share your faith well.
PT214 Christianity 03/07/08
I was asked to produce a summary of the Christian faith that would fit onto a single sheet of paper, and could be used alongside publicity describing other major world religions.
PT224 Christian Ministry 18/06/09
Crisis Centre Ministries is a Christian project working with homeless people and those who used to be homeless - with the weak, the poor and the vulnerable. In the words of our tag line, we are bringing God's grace and healing love to people with life-disrupting problems. In other words, to everyone.
What do we mean when we say we are a 'Christian project'? This may sound like an obvious question, but there is a significant question of theology and of strategy behind it.

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