Approaches to Town Centre Evangelism
by Paul Hazelden


    This document was put together for Christchurch, Woking. This is an evangelical Anglican Church situated on the town square, in Woking, Surrey, and has the motto 'The Church in the Centre' - meaning both the centre of Woking and the centre of Godís will.

    My hope and intention is that the ideas and approaches described here will be generally relevant to any church located in a town centre.

    The typical town centre church will find its congregation travels quite a distance to attend the Sunday services. They will probably be reasonably committed, but as they do not live locally, it is difficult for them to attend evening meetings during the week.

    The evangelistic effort needs to concentrate therefore on the unchurched people who are around - the people who work in the town centre and who may well be looking for something interesting to do in their lunch hour.



    Who are we trying to reach?

    What are they like?

    What do we aim to offer?


    What therefore should we provide?

    We need to provide a range of options:


  1. People are restless, so offer them peace.
  2. "Discover peace"


  3. People are guilty, so offer them forgiveness.
  4. "Peace with God"


  5. People are confused, so offer them understanding.
  6. "Exploring the Faith"

    Aim to:

    Provide both continuity and variety:

    Suggested session structure:

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