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PT001 What Happens to Babies When They Die? 07/10/99
What is the eternal destiny of those who cannot make a decision to follow Jesus?   This question applies to babies and the mentally handicapped - those who cannot understand the message of salvation - and also to those who have never heard.   One major section was moved out to become PT022: What About Unconfessed Sin?   The original version was written and revised several times in 1986, the last major revision completed 28/11/86.   It was then left unchanged until it was placed on the web site in 1999.
PT002 Going Out 1989
An alternative to the current practice.
PT003 Suffering 1989
Not an answer to the problem, but attempting to understand it.
PT004 Other Religions  
Can a Buddhist go to Heaven?
PT005 Spritual Attack  
How does Satan attack the Christian?
PT006 Sunday Trading  
A response to the 'Keep Sunday Special' campaign, looking at some Biblical and practical issues.
PT007 Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment  
Re-working the traditional tract.
PT008 Dealing With Sin  
We are in danger of being more sin-centred than Jesus-centred - we need to repent and stop asking for forgiveness.
PT009 Some Thoughts on Guidance 26/03/89
How to be sure your guidance comes from God.
PT010 What is Faith?  
The Biblical concept and some popular alternatives.
PT011 Christian Vitamins 28/09/99
A minimum intake of these 'vitamins' is required for our spiritual health.   The outline produced in 1983; updated and expanded in 1996 and again in 1999.
PT012 The Two Ways  
You can aim to live as a maximum-type or a minimum-type Christian.   An earlier draft of PT044.
PT013 Two Paradigms Of Prayer  
Helping people understand what we do when we pray.
PT014 Saviour and Lord 07/09/87
Thinking about what we are trying to do in our evangelism - putting these two aspects of Jesus' work the right way round.
PT015 Theology and the Single Christian 14/09/87
A subject we do not refer to in polite company!   We are called to love God with all our heart and all our mind - not one or the other.
PT016 Why Bother with the Bible? 23/09/87
Asking how God intends us to use the Bible - an approach which does not pre-suppose inspiration.
PT017 The Fundamental Message of the Gospel 23/09/87
Change is possible!
PT018 The Goal of our Instruction 17/11/86
1 Timothy 1:5.   Our goal is love - but a particular form of love.
PT019 The Five Ministries of Ephesians Four 10/10/87
A brief introduction to the task of Elders and the whole Church.
PT020 The Unforgivable Sin 10/10/87
God places limits on what we are allowed to do.
PT021 The Two 'U's 04/10/87
As Christians we are both Unique and United.
PT022 What About Unconfessed Sin?  
This started as the main section of PT001.   The question of unconfessed sin reveals a massive gap in traditional evangelical theology.   More importantly, it causes untold grief - suffering which God never intended.
PT023 The Cost of Disobedience  
PT024 The Work of the Spirit  
PT025 Doing Nothing  
For God.
PT026 The Parable of the Talents  
PT027 Forgetting Yourself  
PT028 The Old Covenant and the New  
PT029 Serving God, Part One: Doing Nothing - For God 12/04/87
PT030 Serving God, Part Two: Doing Things For God 03/05/87
PT031 Faithfulness and Fruitfulness 04/10/87?
PT032 Ephesians 1:3  
PT033 Serving God, Part Three: Relying on His Resources 02/08/87
PT034 God's Love: 1 Corinthians 13  
Pete and Hilary Angell's wedding.
PT035 Is He a Good Baby? September 1987?
PT036 Unity - On the Battlefield 25/10/87
PT037 Jesus is Coming Back 13/12/87
PT038 The Starting Point 03/01/88
PT039 Faith and Works 07/02/88
James 2:14-26
PT040 Wisdom 21/02/88
James 3:13-18
PT041 Continuing as You Began 22/05/88
Colossians 2:6-7
PT042 Psalm 37 05/06/88
PT043 Put On Forgiveness and Love 24/07/88
Colossians 3:12-14
PT044 Maximum and Minimum Christianity 11/09/88
This was written after I returned from Windermere
PT045 The Cost of Discipleship 18/09/88
Luke 14:25-33
PT046 Immanuel: God With Us 18/12/88
Or, 'The Infinite and the Ordinary'.
PT047 I Believe in the Holy Spirit 01/01/89
PT048 The Wedding of Nick Fisher and Meg Fletton 17/03/89
PT049 Fight the Good Fight 06/05/89
Dan and Sara Bennett's marriage blessing.

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