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Welcome to the home page of Paul & Sue Hazelden.   This site is designed to tell you a bit about us and the charity we work for.

We are now living in Abbeywood, the second session of Snowball is now complete, our stolen car has been repaired and returned by the garage, and Paul's parents are due to come down from Greenwich and stay with us for the new year.

We are living in a house we have bought with Steve Poulard in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, in the South West of England.   We have been living with Steve since selling our house in Guildford.   You can follow the saga of our house move or catch up with other aspects of our new lifestyle.

We hope you find these pages interesting and informative.   Do let us know what you think.

(We have no connection with the 'Hazelden Foundation' based in the USA: if you were searching for them, you can click here to find the Hazelden Foundation home page.)


Highlights of the Site

  • Probably the most significant part of this site describes the work of Europe Now, training and supporting evangelists working in Europe.   Paul is the UK Director and Sue is the Administrator.   We believe that training evangelists to work alongside local churches is the single most important thing we can do to help spread the Kingdom of God in the world today.   This is why we set up 'Snowball' (a training course for evangelists) which started in September 1999.
  • Within the Christian community, liberals think that evangelicals don't use their brains, and evangelicals think that charismatics don't use their brains.   We attempt to demonstrate that is is possible to be evangelical and charismatic and still not throw your brain away!   Click here to explore some vital issues in a new and refreshing way.
  • Strangely enough, there seem to be very few places on the Internet where people who are not already committed Christians can go to find out what Christians believe.   At least, very few places which don't hit you about the head and spout religious jargon.   The "Interactive Gospel" attempts to fill this gap.


What's New

The most recent major changes to this site are: