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Paul & Sue Hazelden's
1999 Christmas Letter
Some Notes


The lunchtime prayer meeting in Woking decided to run a lunchtime Alpha course, which proved very successful.   New people came along who had not attended the 'normal' prayer meetings, including a number of people who were either not Christians or who were very unsure about their faith.

It was fascinating to see Alpha at work after hearing so much from other people about it.   The format worked for a wide range of people, whatever one might think about the content.




Paul continued to maintain a couple of web sites, along with our family site.   The other two are for Westborough URC and Bracknell Swim and Sauna.   This involved very little work, but provided quite a bit of interesting contact with people from across the world, and stimulated a number of email conversations.   It's a fascinating way to meet people!

The main new venture on our web site is the 'Interactive Gospel' - which was finished in outline by the end of 1999, although filling in the gaps will take a lot more work.



Learning to Care

Before leaving Westborough, Paul & Sue signed up for a 'Learning to Care' course.   Unfortunately, it incolved a great deal more work than we had anticipated.   We thought we were agreeing to one evening a week, but it also involved reading and answering questions in a work book almost every day.   Sue could not manage the time commitment, but Paul saw it through to the end.

The course was a fascinating combination of the very useful, the very obvious, and (in some cases) the fairly dangerous.   We produced quite a list of serious issues and concerns about the content of the course, which Pastor David said he would attempt to feed back, but we have heard nothing on the subject since the course finished.



Bye-bye Birdie

Also in April, we went to see 'Bye-bye Birdie' - another production Phil Buckley was in, and again it was very impressive and enjoyable.   This was the second performance we had been to in the Ben Travers theatre at charterhouse school.



Comments?  Feedback?  Let me know what you think.
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