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Paul & Sue Hazelden's
1991 Christmas Letter

You didn't really think we 'd forgotten you.  Did you?  It's partly so that we could acknowledge all yourChristmas cards and news, noting any new addresses, and partly because we found ourselves doing other things when you were busy sending seasonal greetings.  Ours are no less warm for being delayed.

Alan's news: I usually wake up after 7 am, and don't always wake Philip up.&mbsp; I will play by myself for a little while before breakfast if Daddy is not up before me, but Mummy is sometimes cross with the mess I have made by the time she gets up.  Getting dressed is still a good opportunity to wind Mummy up, but I dress myself now and may even take less than 20 minutes about it.&mbsp; I still like Nursery, especially

Love and best wishes,

Paul, Sue, Alan, Philip and Ian Hazelden

Paul, Sue, Alan, Philip and Ian Hazelden


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