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On the following pages you will find a mixture of sermon notes, articles and jottings that may one day become a proper sermon or article. You will notice that a number of themes and subjects crop up regularly: these tend to be the subjects which keep turning up in conversation. Almost every piece here was started as the result of a conversation I had with someone.

The other unifying motif running through the entire series is the idea that theology is essentially a pastoral subject. This is why the series is called 'Pastoral Theology' - I do not believe there is any other type of authentic theology. God reveals certain truths to us because we need to understand and act on them. I cannot think of anything in the Bible that is revealed merely to satisfy our intellectual curiosity. Some questions will just have to wait until we get to heaven.

When supplied, the date given is the date when the piece was last updated. I may well have distributed or preached from a number of earlier versions. These dates are all given in the usual UK format (dd/mm/yy).

Finally, a word of warning: these pages are intended primarily for fellow Christians. Everyone is welcome to read them, but if you don't share my core beliefs, please don't be surprised if the issues and concerns are not ones you immediately identify with! But whatever you believe, I would welcome feedback from you on anything you read.

You may also be interested in looking at the index to the general interest articles.



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