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Philip, like Alan, is not bad at maths. Take, for example, this quote from his school newsletter in September 2004. [My comments in italics]

Team Maths Challenge Competition
We took part in [the final of] this national event in July. Our team of Kyana Gitahi, Guy Barwell, Jonathan Lee and Philip Hazelden competed against 60 [actually, only 59!] other schools from around the country. We came equal 19th, although another ten points (out of about 250 altogether) would have placed us 12th. Given the majority of the schools were selective independent ones this is an outstanding performance.
Mr Netto (Head of Maths)

Or this quote from the December 2005 newsletter:

Senior Maths Challenge
About 50 students from years 11-13 took part in this on 8 November.There were 5 gold, 4 silver and 12 bronze certificates. Well done especially to Paul Oh and Philip Hazelden (both in Year 11) who achieved silvers... Congratulations to all who took part.
Mr Netto.

Or this from the May 2006 Newsletter:

Maths Challenge of Year 11
Philip Hazelden did so well at his Olympiad paper that he was put on the reserve list to go to a Maths Summer School in the summer. Only about 50 students get chosen for this, so this is an outstanding achievement (Only one student from this school has ever been invited to this).

We learn on 9 June that he has been invited to take part in the Maths Summer School after all. "It was fun," is all he tells us.

Or, as another example, this quote from the Autumn 2007 Redcliffe Centre News:

Phil Hazelden, Jonathan Lee (Y13), Guy Barwell and Chris Watteau (Y12) represented the school in the Senior Mathematics Challenge team competition on Tuesday 13th November. They came third out of 17 competing schools, losing out on second place to QEH by a mere 3 points (out of 195 possible points).



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