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- Financial Factsheet -

The situation

We believe that God has called us to be involved full time in the training of Christian workers, particularly those intending to become evangelists working in Europe.   You can read more about the Snowball training course on our Europe Now page.

Almost all of Europe Now's money is committed to supporting evangelists in Europe.   We need to raise additional funds to support the Snowball course, and to pay the UK workers a salary.

We also need to increase our financial support to meet the minimum wage - including tax and national insurance - and to cover the ministry costs of undertaking this work, such as travel and publicity.

This year, Europe Now is training two evangelists from Slovakia.   We believe that training Eastern European workers is the best way to reach Eastern Europe for Christ, but they cannot afford the cost of living and training here.   We have accepted them on the course in faith that the cost of their accommodation, transport and training will be supplied.   So far, we have received gifts for around half the cost of supporting them.


Some figures

The Snowball programme is divided into five sessions.   We estimate the cost of providing the training in each session at £350 per person, which makes the cost of the full programme a mere £1,750.   This compares very well with other training courses.

We have bought Abbeywood with Steve Poulard in order to provide a base for the Snowball students, as well as somewhere for us to live.   We currently owe Steve around £65,000 for our share in the house.   We have agreed to pay him interest at a rate halfway between a building society's long term investment and mortgage rates - this calculation means both parties benefit, since we pay Steve less than we would pay for a mortgage, and Steve gets an improved rate of return on his investment.   But it still means we need to find significantly more each month than we were paying for the mortgage on our house in Guildford.


Your part

If you wish to be a part of this ministry, there are a variety of options.

To help you pray more effectively, you can receive our updates, either on paper or by email.   You can read about the work on this web site.   We would really appreciate hearing from you so we can send you the news we can't publish on the Internet, and perhaps an occasional urgent prayer request.

You may not think the small amount you can afford will make any difference, but it does not take many people giving a small amount each before the result makes a big difference to us.

You don't have to be an evangelist to help reach the world for Christ!   We need people who are willing to help in a number of practical ways.   Contact us and let us know what you can do.   If you are willing to come on one of the outreach campaigns, that would be great, but some people are called to serve behind the scenes in a number of other ways.


Comments?  Feedback?  Let me know what you think.
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This page last updated 18 February 2000.