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PT100 Mission at Home and Abroad 01/02/98
Jesus commands us to go and make disciples everywhere: this is our mission, as individuals and as Churches.
PT101 Once Saved? 03/02/98
The phrase is 'once saved, always saved,' but is that always true - or always relevant?
PT102 Walking on Water 12/07/98
Matthew 14.   Looking at miracles.
PT103 Power 10/12/98
1 Thessalonians chapter 1.   The gospel comes to us in words and power.
PT104 What is a Family? 09/02/98
What do we mean by 'family'?   And why is it important?   A few notes on the subject.
PT105 Faith in Doctrine? 16/02/99
We are saved through faith in Jesus, not faith in a set of doctrines about Him.   We don't always appreciate this difference,
PT106 The Cross in the Life of the Believer 16/02/99
PT107 Holistic Evangelism 06/04/99
An approach to evangelism for ordinary people.
PT108 The Basis of Christian Belief 06/04/99
Why do we, as Christians, believe what we do?   This article introduces and explores the differences between Catholic, Liberal and Evangelical approaches to authority.
PT109 Concentrate on the Important 06/04/99
Understanding the Bible can become a nightmare if we go about it the wrong way.   One key principle - taught in all the textbooks - can remove many of these problems at a stroke.
PT110 What Would Jesus Do? 08/10/99
Is this the most useful question we can ever ask?   Written in May 1995, and slightly updated for the Web.
PT111 Notes on the 'Chicago Statement' on Biblical Inerrancy 31/12/98
The Chicago Statement is a tremendous piece of work, and a most useful starting point for anyone wanting to consider the subject of Biblical inerrancy.   Here are some thoughts and comments intended to take the discussion forward.
PT112 A letter about original sin 05/10/93
A response to a letter in Reform attacking Saint Augustine and the doctrine of original sin.   I'm not too keen on some of his work, but I don't like to criticise the guy unfairly.
PT113 Extract from a letter on the meaning of 'church' 18/08/94
An extract from a letter to a friend after a visit in which we stayed up late talking about the way the word 'church' has changed in meaning over the years.
PT114 Some thoughts on church leadership styles 07/04/95
Some reflections on what church leaders sometimes do (or don't do!) and how it is perceived by the majority of the folk who sit in the pews.   It contains some specific examples which, I believe, illustrate general principles which need to be remembered and acted upon.   It aims to communicate both objective facts and also the feelings which can be generated (quite unintentionally) by the leadership.
PT115 Westborough Evening Service May 1996
We had a few meetings at Westborough, and Alan Ritchie and myself were asked to pull together a few groups of people willing to lead the evening services.   Alan and I met, and I drafted the following to give out to people.   As it turned out, they never got off the ground, as by the time the proposals were agreed, it was the Summer and the wrong time to launch something new, and in the Autumn things changed again.
PT116 Who Needs Theology?  
A few brief notes.   They may be expanded one day.
PT117 The Problem of Pain 04/11/99
Notes for the Snowball students
PT118 Why Do Good Christians Disagree? 18/05/00
Or, rather, why are we so bad at disagreeing in a godly way?   We seem to have very little idea how to do it, for all the practice we get!
PT119 Other Religions 06/04/00
An outline for an article.
PT120 Telling the Bad News 13/01/00
An unfinished article, based on the tape "Hell's Best Kept Secret".
PT121 What is the fate of the wicked? 21/04/00
Is Hell a place where demons stick pitchforks into writhing bodies?   Is it a place where the unsaved suffer eternally, while the saved look on and enjoy watching their pain?   Both of these have been popular images of Hell.   What do people believe about the fate of the wicked?   What should we believe?
PT122 Using Spiritual Gifts 30/05/00
Not yet finished.
PT123 Thoughts on Communion 13/02/00
A meditation on the communion meal, prepared when I first led communion at Highgrove.
PT124 Ordinary Christians 24/07/00
Most of us feel pretty ordinary most of the time.   But there is no such thing as an ordinary Christian.   (Only a placeholder file at present.)
PT125 The Problem of Origins
The content of this page has been integrated into the Further Details section of the Interactive Gospel "Belief in God" page.
PT129 A Catechism for a New Millennium 04/05/01
This is very much a 'work in progress', so I am keen to get feedback on it.   It addresses the questions which regularly come up in conversations with me.   Does this strike a chord with anyone else?
PT132 Notes on the Text of the Bible 23/01/01
So just how reliable is this Bible these Christians carry round?   Has the original text been scrambled by all the mistakes and 'improvements' made each time it was copied by hand over the centuries?
PT135 Your Life for His 21/04/01
A Good Friday message.   What what Jesus doing on the cross, and how does it affect us?
PT138 God Is Good 09/05/01
How can Christians claim that God is good, while it seems to many people that He is cruel, mean and vindictive?
PT139 Uzziah 27/05/01
2 Chronicles 26.   Learning from the example of Uzziah: his success, his failure (pride!) and what happened with Isaiah when he died.
PT140 Joyful Worship 08/07/01
Not Nehemiah 12:27.   Not an exposition of the given passage, but a personal description of worship, its place in the Christian life and a few important characteristics of true worship.
PT141 Ephesians 10/08/01
This piece started as I was thinking about how we are called to function as church in the light of our calling and God's purposes.   The original question was concerning the church as a theraputic community, but this quickly expanded to: 'The Church - Hospital and Army'.   There has been a lot of talk recently about 'Spiritual Warfare' and I would like to see what the Bible has to say about this in the light of everything else we are supposed to do - to see it in the context of normal life.
PT143 A Harvest for the Poor 09/09/01
This was prepared for a Harvest Festival service in which I had been invited to share about the work of the Crisis Centre.   I wanted to encourage people to gain a broader Biblical understanding of the issue of poverty, and to see that there can be a great many valid ways to express God's heart on the matter.
PT144 Eating God 11/09/01
(Incomplete article)
PT145 An Introduction to Housegroups 25/11/01
I produced the first version of this document for some housegroup leader training we were doing at Westborough URC.   It was then updated 21 September 1990 and circulated to all the leaders in the church.   Since then, I have taken out the church-specific references and amplified a few points in response to questions over the years.
PT146 A Job Description For Housegroup Leaders 12/12/01
This document was originally produced for and circulated to the Housegroup leaders in September 1990.   It was made available to anyone interested in Housegroups at Westborough.
PT147 Theology Achieves Nothing? 20/12/01
A brief response to the reported claim by Richard Dawkins that theology achieves nothing.   I make this response because he articulates a view, or maybe an attitude, that I have heard elsewhere, but seldom expressed in as clear or as straightforward a manner.

PT148 Jeremiah 1: the Call of a Prophet 03/02/02
Not really a sermon on Jeremiah chapter 1, but a sermon inspired by it.   God called Jeremiah to be a prophet, and He calls each one of us to exercise a prophetic ministry, to some degree.

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